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I’m Theresa Kiser,

here to help YOU write

the children’s book on your heart.

With multiple children’s picture book contracts under my belt (and lots of hard-won lessons along the way), I began to notice that there’s a GAP in the children’s writing community–we need a CATHOLIC space for children’s writers!

I’ve created the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club to bring together published and aspiring Catholic authors who write for ages 0-17. Together, we can pool our knowledge and invite experts from the field. We can support and encourage each other. We can write what we are meant to write!

Let’s do this! Join me in the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club in 2022. It’s an exciting time, and I want you to be part of it!

For less than the cost of a conference, you get:

Exclusive access to Catholic author, editor, and publisher interviews

Entry into our private community of Catholic children’s book writers

Insight into Catholic publishers (general market and Christian publishers too!)

Free webinars by multi-published Catholic children’s book author Theresa Kiser

So much more!

Let’s Break Down These Benefits:

Exclusive Podcast Access

Catholic Kidlit Writers Club is the ONLY group focused on Catholic writing for young children. This means you won’t hear these interviews anywhere else!

It’s an exciting time to be in the Catholic children’s publishing world, and I want YOU to be involved, engaged, and published!

These exclusive interviews…

Form an unprecedented bridge between aspiring Catholic children’s book authors and the publishers who want their stories

Give you exclusive know-how that’s been tested by Catholic children’s book writers who have been published (and by the editors who bought their stories!)

Give us a chance to evangelize the world by doing well what we feel we have been called to do (write children’s books!)

De-mystify the Catholic acquisition and publishing process

Instant Catholic Kidlit Writing Community

A first draft may be isolated, but revision and publishing is NOT! We need each other, and–frankly–this community of Catholic children’s book writers is long overdue. And now…it’s HERE!

Join the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club and:

Receive writing and publishing guidance from published authors and fellow writers

Meet like-minded Catholics who love their faith, writing, and nurturing children’s hearts!

Encourage, educate, and inspire each other when the writing gets difficult! (Fellow writer support goes a LONG way for writing morale!)

Enjoy a space in which you can exchange manuscript drafts (“swaps”) with other writers for quick and helpful feedback on YOUR book

Once you do get published, celebrate your successes, team up on book promotion, and launch your book with a team behind you!

Training Webinars and Insight

I am a published Catholic children’s book author and I LOVE sharing what I’ve learned. Join me for publishing insight and exclusive webinars. You’ll learn about:

Which age range your story is for

Which market is the best match for your book

Which Catholic publishers are accepting children’s book queries

How to format your children’s book query

Whether or not you need an agent

What steps are needed if you decide to self-publish

How to market your book to readers

Annual review of what’s happened in the Catholic children’s book market that year

Live Q&As and more!

How it Works

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  • Connect with your fellow Catholic Kidlit Writers in our exclusive community

  • Schedule your 1-on-1 coaching session to discuss your writing career and goals with author Theresa Kiser (if you choose that add-on)

  • January 1, 2022

    (and beyond!)

    Log in to the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club, 2022 cohort!

  • Access hours of video and audio interviews with Catholic authors, editors, and publishers

  • Write and hone your manuscript!

  • Swap manuscript critiques with fellow Catholic Kidlit Writers

  • Participate in periodic webinars and Live Q&As with author Theresa Kiser and guests

  • With the help of our club, polish your query letter, and submit to a few publishers (or learn about self-publishing as well!)

  • Use the support of our community to promote each other’s work, and share the word about resources to nourish children’s souls!

  • Write, Publish, and Spread God’s Love!

  • Join us in this exciting first year of shaking up Catholic children’s literature! We’re better together!

Money-back Guarantee!

Try it for 30 days. If you don’t love it, reach out for a refund by January 31, 2022.

Are you ready to write?

Join the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club now to enter our community of like-minded published and aspiring authors, unlock access to exclusive podcast interviews, and learn the tips and tricks you need to write and publish your book!

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